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Contactless painting

I will use contactless painting with the airbrush in conjunction with conventional methods for my work. Traditional methods? This means painting with a brush. The bristles or brush hairs distribute the color through contact with the paper. Contactless painting with a brush has so far been known through spraying, sprinkling, etc. 

My idea is to achieve even better results, especially on hot-pressed paper. And yes! The main task will be the individual production of your own stencils. The stencil is intended to help create complex cutouts that would otherwise only be possible with masking fluid or white acrylic paint. This leaves the paper white as desired in the watercolor. Luckily I already have a 50l Güde oil compressor and the necessary connections and hoses. 

After the airbrush workshop at the end of October, I will purchase the remaining tools I need and familiarize myself with the airbrush technique with watercolor paint. 

I will share my experiences here in the BLOG.

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