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Refresh old knowledge and learn new things…

From tomorrow we start. I will set up a working environment and then work through different topics /courses/books, etc. A web developer Bootcamp is also there. However, I am not stressed and will invest a maximum of four hours a day. I would like to continue to paint and draw. Let’s start with the bootcamp with HTML and CSS basics. This is more of a refresher for me. The first steps in PHP and JavaScript are also intended to serve as a refresher. After that it will go to the full.

Of course, I am happy to be a little more mentally challenged again technically. How I feel for the first few days I will write here in this blog …

Day 1:

Today I installed the Brackets Editor for programming. The download is done via – Then I downloaded, installed and tested the XAMMP web server. Fortunately, everything works right away on my notebook. Both applications are now on my Windows Startup Bar. Here’s my first test. The PHP line in the Brackets Editor…

and here the result in the browser. The text is displayed. If the web server does not work, the source code would be displayed as seen in the Brackets Editor.

Surely I will make some settings on the editor and later on the web server. For today it should be enough…

So now I have refreshed many basics in a quick run. There are many new features in “JavaScript”, which I will look at more intensively in the near future. Especially the frameworks. For example, I also looked at information about Angular 8. With the name ECMAScript (ES6, ES2016 …) JavaScript has become a great programming language. Here I will focus in the near future so my focus, with PHP etc. is still refreshed. 

I also worked through Apache Server and MariaDB. Of course, there was a lot of knowledge and there was not really much there. 
In addition, I’m always close with my WordPress page there.

In the time to come, I’ll be programming a lot first, because it makes it much easier to find the peculiarities of the programming languages. Warnings, error messages, etc. that you have to work through, bring me there a bit further. 
I have now set brackets to ES6 and work with these voice settings. In PHP I will orientate myself more and more in the direction of WordPress.
At the moment I’m still creating different forms with storage, changes, calculations, queries, etc. to the database.

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