Workshop Clothes by Anita Ulrich

Last modified Wednesday, 22. September 2021 - 11:17 o'clock

My course with Anita Ulrich …

I am currently taking part in the watercolor course with Anita Ulrich. 

I would like to continue studying Anita Ulrich’s painting style in order to expand my knowledge. This four-week workshop is about putting clothes in the limelight. The people who wear these clothes are irrelevant. Using clothing, it is possible to depict people’s activities / professions / hobbies. These elements can later be used as part of a city, landscape or maritime motif. In March I will therefore also take part in Anita Ulrich’s “Weather Course” and link everything with my motifs and my painting over the summer. As I wrote in the newsletter, I will also be intensively involved in 2021 and 2022 with the works and techniques of David Bellamy and Hazel Soan.  

Current …

I have bought a new, somewhat older book on the subject of “Painting watercolor figures quickly”.

A new book on portrait drawing (in german) and a book that I also use for the course above 

In addition to quickly drawn portraits, I also want to go into more details. I already have a lot of material on it, but I find this book very refreshing and worthwhile FOR ME. And so I added another work to my library.

I have had this book (german) on the shelf for a few years and can now use it very well for the current workshop. Two thirds of the book is actually about human body parts. Everything revolves around the correct representation of human proportions from different perspectives, to poses and garments with folds.

If the preliminary drawing is correct, not much can go wrong with the watercolor …

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